15 Reasons to Date a Mechanic

Positive, their fingers might-be greasy. Assuming the mechanic asking you out rinses their arms regularly, there is reason to miss from a dinner for two because of this tradesman.

1. Your car will run smoothly — more or less forever.

2. Technicians are not scared of getting dirty.

3. Mechanics are great along with their hands.

4. You’ll have the means to access guidance, tool packages, and hard-to-find extra components.

5. Mechanics tend to be optimists. They don’t really throw out damaged material; somewhat they understand potential in almost every portion.

6. Auto mechanics are accountable and honest. Other people believe the time for private protection on the way.

7. Your own day enhances the resides of other people, assisting all of them will where they must go.

8. Mechanics work well under pressure. Additionally they work effectively with force — literally.

9. Auto mechanics are upwards for difficult, usually searching for an opportunity to improve a design.

10. Auto mechanics are wondering and consistently finding out. They just take things aside just to discover how things function.

11. You should have the chance to create improper jokes about performance.

12. Technicians are persistent and insist upon having the job done properly.

13. Mechanics value quality, double-checking their unique work.

14. Mechanics invest their own days covered in grease. They are aware simple tips to tidy up really.

15. Auto mechanics realize safety process as well as the importance of enough safety.


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